Building a brand for a revolutionary new online service

Veyo is the new home conveyancing portal that makes the process of buying and selling a home more efficient, more secure and more transparent. The service has been developed through a joint venture between The Law Society and Mastek, a global IT solutions specialist. It brings together all the processes, checks and documentation prepared and undertaken by solicitors and licensed conveyancers in the sale and purchase of residential properties.

The Veyo consumer app will provide consumers with a way to monitor the progress of the sale or purchase of their home and even enable them to see what is happening up and down the housing chain.


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Creating an award-winning brand

Industry was responsible for the development of the product proposition, name, identity, marketing strategy and creation of the advertising, promotional literature and marketing website.

The whole project has been taken from conception to launch in six months, including market testing.

A powerful new name and proposition

The Veyo name is derived from the word Conveyancing; its Latin stem being ‘veho’, which means to carry. It has the advantage of being short, easy to pronounce and easy to Google. Because Veyo is a game changer, it is being positioned as the new way conveyancing will be done in the future. The communication strategy is designed to build to a ‘switch over’ by the whole profession on launch. The positioning is captured in the strapline, ‘The home of conveyancing’.

Intelligent illustrations that communicate the product

The hare logo represents the speed and efficiency delivered by the service and is intended to be instantly recognisable from an app, to a window sticker on a solicitor’s high street office. Industry worked with the illustrator Noma Bar to create a set of witty and intelligent illustrations that communicate the product features and benefits.

These illustrations are used through the advertising and marketing communications, providing both impact and strong recall. Working with Ubiquity Media, Industry also developed the animation sequence which is used in the launch film.

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"Since the launch of the company nearly half a year ago, the marketing and brand awareness campaign has made a huge impact."


"Industry has been instrumental in helping us develop our proposition and bring it to life – we’re delighted with the result and the impact we are making."


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