Sholto Lindsay-Smith


14-15 Newbury Street
London, EC1A 7HU

+44 20 7123 4881




Sholto has over 25 years of consulting experience in branding and communications. As a founding partner of Industry, Sholto leads on all strategic output.  

He has worked across Europe, the US, Asia Pacific and the Middle East in the financial services, retail, utility, transport, property and technology sectors. He has worked for some of the largest brands and businesses in the world including John Lewis, HSBC, Commercial Bank of Qatar, China Light & Power, LTA Singapore, Xcel Energy and MessageLabs.

Sholto spent his early career in public relations working for global firm Citigate. Following a move to branding, he spent 10 years as a director of a global brand firm and then spent 5 years as managing director of one of the fastest growing brand firms in the UK.

His areas of expertise include global brand strategy, brand-led transformation and employer brand.

Sholto holds a BA (Hons) in Social Psychology from the University of Kent and an MSc in Public Relations from Stirling University.

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