Reflecting scale to attract talent

Helping a fast-growing top 50 law firm build its brand profile.

Birketts is a highly successful, fast-growing law firm with offices across East Anglia, London and the South-East. As with any professional services firm, the key to sustainable growth is not just winning new clients, it’s also the battle for talent. To meet its ambitious growth targets, Birketts needed a new brand that projected a more modern image, reflected its growing scale and capability and appealed to the next generation of lawyers.

What we delivered
– Brand messaging
– Brand identity
– Employer brand
– Brand guidelines
– Marketing templates
– Website

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Bringing a strategic ambition to life
Following a strategic review, Birketts had arrived at an ambitious vision for the firm, encapsulated in the idea of Next Level Law. Understanding the importance of appealing to both talent and clients, Industry built out the Next Level Law concept to give it meaning for both critical audiences.

For new recruits and the next generation of lawyers:
Next Level Law is about defining the future of law.

For clients:
Next Level Law is a forward-thinking approach to law and a commitment to take clients to the next level.

Creating an instantly recognisable brand
With so many law firms looking alike, Birketts’ brand identity was designed to stand out. Each element of the brand was purposefully designed to create a brand that is modern, progressive and confident, but with an approachable and human touch.

A serious new logotype
Appropriate for a progressive law firm, Birketts’ new crafted logotype is understated, confident and timeless, but also distinctive.

A playful creative platform
To help build brand recognition across media channels, a versatile graphic device was introduced. The interplay between the graphic device and people enables Birketts to show its playful side, especially when talking to recruits. Departing from the old blue, a rich purple was chosen as an ownable brand colour, communicating sophistication and professionalism, in a fresh way.

Since launching the new brand, Birketts has moved up the legal league table from being a top 60 to top 50 UK law firm, placing it firmly on the radar of prospective clients and talent alike.