About us

An international perspective on branding

We are a global brand consultancy headquartered in London with regional offices in the Middle East and Australia and partner offices in New York, Singapore and Mauritius. We have deep expertise in global brand transformation programmes across a range of sectors.

Our brand-led transformation process

The strongest brands draw on the past but remain relevant today and anticipate the future. Based on this foundation, our strategic process explores where your brand or business has come from, where it is today, where you want to take it tomorrow and how you will get there.

This is where the process of transformation begins, from signalling change with the launch of a new identity to stimulating product innovation and designing better customer experiences. Our brand-led transformation process is a powerful way to galvanise and engage employees and bring about rapid change.

Why choose Industry?  



Our research

Our expertise in qualitative and quantitative market research provide insights that empower decision-makers and help shape critical branding decisions. Our proprietary online research tools provide an effective way of consulting and engaging local and global audiences at key steps in the brand programme.

Our people

Our highly experienced team have worked both client-side and as consultants for many of the world’s leading brands and organisations.

Rich, multi-sector experience

We have extensive experience in global brand transformation programmes across a range of sectors. That means we know how brands need to work in application on every touchpoint, from digital to industrial scale.

International perspective

We bring a genuinely international perspective to our work, with experience in working across different cultures and languages. 

We make it happen

We don’t ever sacrifice rigour, creativity or quality. But our focus is always to help our clients achieve their goals. Whatever it takes.

One-team approach

We are good collaborators and take a ‘one team’ approach to brand programmes by facilitating open working through the use of shared project planning tools, co-locating in client offices, joint working sessions and sensible division of tasks, which ensures the most effective use of the consultancy and the client’s own time. 

Creating momentum

We believe that momentum is critical to gaining and sustaining stakeholder engagement in brand programmes. We have the capacity to respond quickly, from research to roll-out, within tight timeframes.

We keep it simple

We are robust in our analysis and clear in our thinking but we don’t over complicate the answers, rather we focus on delivering solutions that are easy to grasp, simple to communicate and straightforward to adopt.

We ask the right questions

We know the right solution stems from a clear definition of the problem we are trying to solve. We spend time with the client getting this right.

We look at everything through the customer’s eyes

Whatever problem we are setting out to solve, we start with the customer and work back from there.

Our awards

We are an award-winning consultancy recognised for our work across a range of industries and markets.

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Our social responsibility


Every year we do pro bono work for charity. If you are a charity with a brand challenge, we’d like to hear from you.

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