We build brand advantage

At Industry, we believe in the power of brand.

We’re a business and brand consultancy born from the belief that brands can transform businesses, providing not just an identity, but a genuine advantage in any competitive market.

We partner with organisations that recognise the potential to build brand advantage by creating clear strategic alignment throughout their business—from defining purpose to shaping identity to enhancing experience.

Our approach is rooted in collaboration. We immerse ourselves in your business context and objectives. From tailored research and strategic planning to creating design systems and employee engagement, we ensure every aspect of your brand is coordinated to create impact.

Our Offer

Brand Insight

With our insights, you get a clearer view.

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We arm you with the information you need to win. Whether it’s finding out what your customers want, what your competitors are doing right, or what trends are shaping your sector, our insights are comprehensive, relevant and tailored to your business needs.


Research should be the cornerstone of all big brand decisions. We make the unknown known by determining what your customers, strategic partners, investors, and employees really want from your brand.

Our research includes qualitative and quantitative market research, focus groups, in-depth interviews and working with leading research providers.


Audits are vital for assessing the effectiveness of your existing brand strategies and understanding how you brand is perceived in the market and how it is experienced by customers.

Our sharp audits uncover insights and guide decision making by identifying opportunities to build brand advantage.

Competitor Benchmarking

To identify a point of difference, we need to understand what your competitors are doing and saying.

Through peer group benchmarking and competitor analysis, we uncover your competitive position, discover your relative strengths, and highlight best practices in your market.

Brand Strategy

Our strategies will give you distinct direction.

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We don’t just give you a snapshot, we paint the whole picture. Our focus on strategy unlocks brand potential so that you can act with clarity.

Brand Positioning

We explore and stress test alternative positioning scenarios to find the strategy that builds true brand advantage. Our brand triangulation model factors in your customers’ needs, your competitors’ positioning and your core capabilities, so we can arrive at a brand positioning that excites customers and inspires employees.

Brand Purpose and Principles

We help leadership teams define a clear and enduring organisational purpose based on values that shape a positive culture, guide strategic decision-making, and cultivate ethical change.

Brand Architecture

We optimise brand portfolios that support territorial expansion, extend product ranges, and rationalise acquired brands.

Our robust strategic decision-making frameworks consider market context, reputational risk, brand economics and any potential conflicts of interest.

Employer Brand Proposition

A powerful employer brand proposition will align your internal organisational culture with your external brand image. We help organisations develop employer brand propositions that not only support the recruitment and engagement of talent, but also ensure your employees are active contributors to your brand’s success.

Brand Design

We create powerful brand identity systems designed for impact.

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Starting with a clear creative brief, we deploy our multidisciplinary design and creative teams to bring the brand strategy to life. Our approach maximises brand impact, cements brand recall and ensure your brand has staying power.

Brand Identity

We create powerful brand identity systems that are designed to work across every medium. We harmonise your brand by considering every facet of your brand identity at both the micro and massive scale.

From your colour palette to imagery, typography to tone of voice, graphics to illustration, we ensure that is instantly recognisable across all mediums and touchpoints.

Brand Naming

Our naming process is designed to make you memorable. We help our clients find effective company and product naming solutions that pique customer interest, evoke the right image, travel across geography, and overcome the hurdle of trademark registration.

We also develop nomenclature policies and product naming architectures to establish brand families that are ownable and easily navigable.

Brand Voice

We establish a distinctive tone of voice that communicates your brand personality, giving you the power to engage and compel target audiences to act. We can also help you develop a brand lexicon that’s clear, concise and coherent so that your voice is heard and recognised across all mediums.

Brand Delivery

We work together to set you apart.

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As an extension of your team, we work with you across every facet of the brand to deliver end-to-end brand transformation.

Brand Management

We create the tools and rules to help our clients manage their brands more efficiently. Our detailed design specifications and interactive brand guidelines make sure that managing your brand is simple and streamlined.

We offer brand implementation audits and set effective measurement metrics so that you can track performance and focus on building brand equity.

Brand Engagement

We align your business strategy, people and operations behind the brand proposition through effective employee engagement and communications strategies.

Customer Brand Experience

We help organisations deliver a positive brand experience across every touchpoint, shaping micro interactions and designing signature brand moments that engage your customers and enhance brand satisfaction.

Brand Learning Management Systems

Our interactive online brand training programmes allow you to educate everyone in your business about your brand and understand the role they must play in standing behind your brand proposition.

“In conjunction with the five-year growth strategy and brand refresh, we are already experiencing an increase in the number of member firms applying to use the Nexia name in their brand.”

Tim Wilson, Chief Executive, Nexia


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