Building a global accountancy challenger brand

We helped the top 8 global accountancy network unite under a single brand.

Operating across 125 countries, Nexia is a $2.8bn accountancy network of over 270 independent member firms. Industry has been working with Nexia for over a decade, supporting the modernisation of the network brand. Now, realising the opportunity to secure more cross border work for its members, it invited Industry to help unify its growing membership under a single brand.

What we delivered
– Leadership consultation
– Strategy development
– Brand architecture
– Visual identity
– Digital asset management
– E-learning course

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A strategic vision. A bold ambition.
Working with the Nexia CEO and global board, we helped crystalise a brand strategy that responded to Nexia’s 5-year strategic vision – “To be a fully unified and recognised global network with a reputation for delivering best-in-class client experience.”

This represented a huge step for the network, and took a commitment from member firms to sacrifice their own local brands in favour of adopting the Nexia brand to embrace the benefits.

A distinct market positioning, embodied in a clear purpose
We identified that most major networks have focused exclusively on larger-size clients, the middle market, or the smaller market. By contrast, Nexia is well-positioned to deliver a holistic range of services to clients throughout their growth journey.

It’s an insight that led to the articulation of a clear purpose; “To support our clients across the globe on their path to growth”, which underpinned the drive to becoming a global brand.

An iconic logo symbolising partnership
The success of Nexia’s member firms has been in forging strong partnerships with their clients. This was expressed in the proposition: “When you choose Nexia, you get a more responsive, more personal, partner-led service, across the world”.

It’s a core truth central to Nexia’s DNA and it is reflected in the link logo device (the name Nexia, stems from the Latin Nexus, meaning connected) – symbolising strength, unity, and teamwork.

Originally developed by Industry, we refined the symbol to help give it greater prominence.

Reducing barriers to branding
To facilitate transition to the global brand, we developed a clear brand migration path.

The full range of brand tools and templates, a brand photo library, supergraphics and illustrations, were made easily accessible through a global digital asset management system.

Onboarding 26,000 employees
With the switch to the new identity it was vital that all employees in member firms could quickly get behind the brand proposition and identity system.

To support this process, we created an interactive learning programme accessible to all member firm employees across 125 countries.

By making it easier for the whole network to understand and apply the Nexia branding, we helped create a greater sense of unity within the network.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to enhance my knowledge in this area. Thank you for the support and the opportunity to participate in the ‘Nexia Brand’ course,” and, “I truly appreciate the opportunity to deepen my understanding of our branding principles and resources.”

Nexia member firm employee

“We’ve developed an exciting and innovative five-year strategy designed to take Nexia to the next level. This rebrand plays a critical role in demonstrating our intent to the market and to our clients.

Our new brand underscores our position as a global leader who puts clients first.

In conjunction with the five-year growth strategy and brand refresh, we are already experiencing an increase in the number of member firms applying to use the Nexia name in their brand.”

Tim Wilson,
Chief Executive, Nexia