Sholto Lindsay-Smith

Founder Director

For over 30 years, Sholto has consulted on brand and corporate communications. Taking the strategic lead at Industry, his experience spans the full breadth of finance, education, government, transport, property and technology sectors.

With a BA (Hons) in Social Psychology and an MSc in Public Relations, Sholto has a knack for crystallising strategic visions, and shaping brand strategies to capitalise on business strengths.

His deep understanding of human behaviour and interpersonal dynamics, together with a strong track record in public relations, enable him to consistently unlock and express compelling narratives at the heart of corporate communications.

Sholto has worked across Europe, the US, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

When he’s not working on distant shores, he seeks solace and adventure, sailing on open waters.

Insights from Sholto

Motherhood and apple pie

A crisis in consumer confidence has provoked a reappraisal of corporate values. But many companies are still talking platitudes, says Sholto Lindsay-Smith.

Why branding builds advantage in B2B

Brand is often viewed as the domain of consumer facing (B2C) businesses. Consumer brands need to persuade customers, who have a plethora of choice and are bombarded by communications, to buy their product rather than another.

Back to your roots

In a competition for the most-recognisable tagline of the past 50 years, ‘The world’s local bank’ would surely be a leading contender. There can be few people who didn’t wish they’d thought of it first. Yet this catchy line has been quietly dropped by HSBC. Why, and what does it tell us about the growing […]