Business in the Community
Building a movement for change

We refreshed the brand for the Prince’s responsible business network, Business in the Community.

Supported by His Majesty The King for over 40 years, and dedicated to building a fairer and greener world, Business in the Community is the UK’s largest and most influential responsible business network.

Faced with the growing environmental crisis, we were asked to help refresh the Business in the Community brand to signal the renewed urgency to take action and work towards change.


What we delivered
– Brand positioning and messaging
– Brand identity
– Brand guidelines
– Training

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Resetting the responsible business agenda
Business in the Community worked with its members on defining a more demanding agenda for change.

At the heart of this renewal was a new core purpose: “To put successful, responsible businesses at the heart of strong, healthy communities across the UK.”

An enduring symbol of partnership
The new logo and brand identity symbolise the coming together of business and the community, reflecting the core belief that the long term prosperity of business and society are inextricably linked. It’s a visual identity system that boldly looks to the future, while retaining a link with the past through the continued use of magenta.

A commanding aesthetic. A provocative tone.
To inspire and motivate members to take action, we established a more provocative tone of voice for the brand. This was also reflected in the visual presentation of messaging, with the negative space created by the logos overlapping squares used to hold headlines and imagery.

The use of black and white cut out photography is used to add punch and emphasise some of the gritty issues in society that businesses must collectively address. The use of a brick, for example, represents both an object thrown in anger in a riot and the building blocks of future hope.

The Royal Founding Patron mark
Industry also had the privilege to create a unique mark to identify Business in the Community as one of The Prince’s official charities.