Imaging the possibilities for a new flexible semiconductor technology

We helped bring an innovative new semiconductor technology to market

Born out of a university spin-out, Pragmatic Semi had created an innovative semiconductor that was cheaper, significantly more sustainable, and much faster to produce than traditional silicon chips.

The flexible, thin chip could be incorporated in everything from plastic packaging to plasters, with millions of potential applications.

With an injection of new scale-up funding, Pragmatic had the funds to build its first full scale fabrication facility. It needed a brand to match its ambition.

What we delivered
– Customer research
– Brand positioning
– Brand architecture
– Brand identity
– Website
– Laboratory and studio photoshoot

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Chips with everything
Pragmatic provided a new solution to the surging demand for semiconductors.  To capitalise on this opportunity, it had to first establish its credibility and convince a traditional industry built on silicon, that its flexible chip was a viable alternative. It needed a brand that would inspire confidence and communicate its unique proposition.

Building on its cost-effectiveness, ubiquitous application and flexibility, the core brand strategy centred on a clear proposition: ‘Enabling intelligence in everyday objects’.

A brand identity built on a unique substrate
A new P symbol and logotype was inspired by the flexible wafer Pragmatic uses in its manufacturing process which is a beautiful, gold-coloured material that comes in the shape of a circle.

A series of supergraphics based on close-in studio photography of the flexible wafer material was also created to hero the key USP of the product.

We also directed a photoshoot in the fabrication facility to demonstrate the clinical precision of the manufacturing and ensured that the brand did not need to rely on stock photos or generic ‘technology’ imagery.

A simplified name and brand architecture
The founders had called the company PragmatIC Semi because the word pragmatic summed up the culture. (The capitalised IC stood for Integrated Circuits). To make the brand more confident, it was simplified to just Pragmatic.

Sub-brands were created for its unique Fab-as-a-Service and Foundry offers.

Embracing a leadership position
Following the rebrand, Pragmatic has seen website visitors increase by 75%, and an impressive 250% increase in business enquiries and sales leads.

Thanks to more accessible messaging, social media engagement has increased by 50%. Pragmatic founder Scott White has been featured in City AM, The Times, The Guardian, The BBC and on Sky News post-launch.

The new brand has dramatically improved Pragmatic’s standing as a market leader in the technology sector, with its founder asked to join the UK Government’s Semiconductor Advisory Panel. Additionally, senior politicians have visited the Pragmatic site four times following the rebrand.

“Reception of the brand both internally and externally has been excellent, and Pragmatic now has a brand that conveys the modern, fresh look we are striving for. Our new brand proposition and visual identity clearly illustrate the unique properties of our product, and we have taken a massive step forward from where we were.”

Erik Langaker,
Chairman, Pragmatic

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