Tata Steel Zeremis
A strong brand to galvanise action

We helped Tata Steel Europe create a brand for their green steel solutions.

As one of the largest Steel producers globally, Tata Steel plays an essential role in meeting the industry’s challenge to become carbon neutral. Tata Steel Europe was leading the way with a huge investment programme that would see the transition to hydrogen powered technology. It’s a step which would allow it to deliver on its commitment to become carbon neutral by 2045, but rather than wait until then, Tata Steel has introduced a range of low carbon solutions using carbon credits. In the race to beat their competitors to market, Tata Steel Nederland invited Industry to develop the the proposition, name and branding for this ‘green steel’ initiative.

What we delivered

– Brand positioning
– Brand naming
– Brand architecture
– Brand identity system
– Guidelines
– Animation
– Digital assets

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Reinforcing a public commitment
To give ‘green steel’ the strongest start possible, Tata Steel needed a distinctive brand that would also articulate the company’s commitment and decarbonisation journey.

The brand we created was founded on the proposition: “Together towards a zero-carbon emissions, circular world”. It conveys the company’s commitment to a better future and touches on how steel – an infinitely recyclable material – can play a critical role in the circular economy. The proposition also articulates Tata Steel’s desire to take this journey with its customers.

A promise in the name
A collaborative naming exercise resulted in the brand name Zeremis – short for ‘zero emissions’ – a name that clearly highlights Tata Steel’s promise to the planet.

Two new sub-brands were also introduced for the two first green steel products to be launched: Zeremis Carbon Lite and Zeremis Delivered.

A complex message, captured with a simple idea
The visual identity features an unbreakable line. More than a distant horizon, it symbolises the idea that Tata Steel is on a journey towards decarbonisation, and that it won’t stop until it has been achieved.

The market response to the green steel branding has been hugely positive, with a surge in demand from customers who are also aiming to accelerate their journey to zero carbon emissions.

“Industry developed a clear Zeremis brand style for us with subtle but impactful elements that worked harmoniously with the overarching Tata Steel brand. With just only two additions – a new lime green accent colour and line illustrations – a rich brand platform has been created which has provided us with a strong platform on which to build future campaigns.

“The brand has been very positively received in our markets and serves as a clear signpost to our green offering. The brand is now very much part of our DNA.”

Christa Dekker, Tata Steel Europe