Debbie Spence

Managing Director

Debbie leads our cross-functional teams of consultants, technologists and designers who apply human-centred design and behavioural sciences to create meaningful and impactful brand experiences. Fascinated by the interactions between business, brands, technology, places and people, Debbie thrives where commerce and creativity converge.

She has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the University of York, and certificate in Design Thinking from IDEO. Her background in psychology and design thinking underpins her approach to understanding and solving complex business challenges. Debbie is passionate about putting people and planet at the core of what we do, ensuring decisions are based on real human needs and insights. Some of her proudest achievements include helping design and deliver a digital strategy for the UK’s Financial Services Authority, repositioning the British Computer Society, and developing a new model of visitor engagement for the Tate.

Originally from Manchester, Debbie has an insatiable appetite for adventure. She skydives, scuba dives, and dives headfirst into global cuisine. From indulging in fiery larb in Laos to sipping cava in Vanuatu, Debbie revels in the exploration of diverse cultures and their culinary delights.

Insights from Debbie

Brand strength beyond optics

By supporting a business ethos where companies, like the Post Office and Qantas, prioritise societal welfare, they not only enhance their brand trust but also contribute positively to the communities they serve.