Warba Bank
Supporting the growth of the Kuwait’s people’s bank

Bringing to life a bold proposition for an Islamic challenger bank.

Set up by the Kuwait government in the wake of the financial crisis, shares in Warba Bank were allocated to every Kuwaiti citizen, in effect creating a people’s bank.

A decade since its foundation, the bank had reached a pivotal point in its growth. Industry was asked to help develop the brand strategy that would help the bank achieve its ambition to enter the investment banking market.

What we delivered
– Customer research
– Brand positioning
– Brand identity
– Signage and branch design
– Segmentation branding

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A challenger bank in the making
From its origins as ‘the people’s bank’, Warba Bank has cut a path as a pioneer in Islamic banking. By virtue of its size, it built a reputation for highly personalised, responsive service and earned the trust of local, regional and international investors. This insight led to the proposition ‘A better solution is here’ which became the main driver for all operations and the innovation behind its creative banking products and services.

Shaping a positive culture
The brand proposition is underpinned by a new set of values, which are now embedded in the HR processes and systems, and designed to shape a positive culture.

Can do.
We get things done. Fast. And we don’t let obstacles stand in our way.

Winning team spirit.
We work with our clients and team members to deliver the right solution.

We have the drive and enthusiasm to always go one better.

Navigating the way forward
The logo design is inspired by the wake left behind from a sail boat cutting through the water. It represents the ease of plain sailing and communicates forward direction. The logotype and symbol were carefully crafted to ensure maximum legibility on external branch signage, where the harsh sunlight of the Middle East can cast strong shadows and make legibility a challenge.

The colour palette was selected to give the bank a rich premium feel.

“In line with its five-year development strategy, the development of the Bank’s brand supports this development vision and serves the Bank’s growth trends.”

Shaheen Hamad Al-Ghanem,
CEO, Warba Bank

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