Commercial Bank of Qatar

Positioning a regional banking leader for future success

38 years ago Commercial Bank opened its doors in Doha, Qatar – the first private sector bank in the country. This was the first of many ‘firsts’ the Bank has achieved over the years. 

Anticipating the next generation of digitally empowered customers, Industry was asked to help position Commercial Bank for the next phase in its growth. 


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Uncovering a bold brand promise

At the heart of the new brand is a bold promise, ‘everything is possible’ which captures the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that has characterised the bank over the years. It also represents a direct commitment to help customers succeed in their ambitions and enable them to make the most of the unique opportunities afforded by Qatar’s fast growing and dynamic economy.

An iconic identity

The evolved brand identity gives prominence to the iconic four-crescent symbol. A new colour palette which takes its cue from the different times of the day – dawn, day, dusk and night – represents the 24 hour service offered by the bank. The combination of colours and graphic pattern are animated in digital applications to give the brand a dynamic form.

An Arabic calligraphic mark based on the Arabic name for the bank, was designed in collaboration with respected Arabic typographer Mourad Boutros. The mark is used to brand privileged and private banking services. The brand has been applied across every touchpoint – from website to mobile banking app to branch to cards – providing customers with a seamless and integrated banking experience. 

CBQ Standard EverythingIsPos

CBQ Standard Calligraphy

Developing an internet platform that would support future needs

Commercial Bank was one of the first-to-market with its internet and mobile banking services in 2000. To help express the new brand platform online, Commercial Bank’s digital assets needed redesigning. But the potential of digital to catalyse business change and enhance customer experience meant a new technology strategy that would enable this change.

Industry worked hand-in-hand with the Bank, analysing its capabilities and platforms. Looking into the marketplace, to see banking best-practice and the viewpoint of banking thought-leaders, revealed the transformational possibilities of technology in this sector.

This pointed towards changes in customer behaviour and expectations in banking, requiring a robust and powerful internet capability. The result was an internet platform that would support content creation and data needs well into the future and a search engine and analytics strategy that would help the Bank understand customer behaviour and empower it to further refine the experience, from a position of knowledge. 

Through our work in user-centred design, platform refreshes, information architecture and bilingual content writing in English and Arabic, the result was an entirely new digital customer journey, covering websites, search engines, digital apps, ATMs and interactive customer screens in-branch.

CBQ Website 1

CBQ Digital Advertising 

CBQ Website 2

CBQ Standard ATM 

CBQ Standard Iphone Pay

CBQ Standard Environment 

Qatar Masters

Industry created the identity for the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters. The Masters golf ball crescent echoes the Commercial Bank four crescent symbol. The Masters brand is used across every aspect of the event from grandstand hoardings to passes and hoardings and is featured in international coverage of the event.

CBQ Standard Masters

CBQ Standard Masters2

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