Everything is design

“Everything”, wrote Paul Rand, “is design.” That is a terrific soundbite. An almost imperial statement. Like man landing on the moon and sticking a flag in its surface, it claims for design…

What’s in a name?

Choosing a company or product name is a minefield. Is it memorable? Available? Trade markable? Does it tell our story, or reflect our organisation’s values and those of our customers?

The perils of groupthink

So how do we find out what our customers need? Ask them, right?

How designers gained the keys to the boardroom

Today all CEOs, from those running transnational corporations to fast-track entrepreneurial start-ups, are under immense pressure to deliver results.

Motherhood and apple pie

A crisis in consumer confidence has provoked a reappraisal of corporate values. But many companies are still talking platitudes, says Sholto Lindsay-Smith.

Robert Samuel Hanson

Berlin-based designer and illustrator Robert Samuel Hanson’s creations are sharp, crisp and clever, which is why he counts M&C Saatchi, The New York Times and the Museum of Modern Art as clients. We found out how he forged a career from his love of drawing.

Will brand survive the future?

The next ten years will see more disruptive technological innovation than in the whole of the 20th century. If the future is about short-term access to stuff rather than open-ended possession, where does it leave the concept of ‘the brand’?