Creating a pioneering new maritime brand

Gas4Sea is a new brand launched by three major players in the energy and global shipping industries, ENGIE, Mitsubishi Corporation and NYK Line, to provide environmentally friendly fuel to ships.

Prompted by changing emissions regulations, the partners created Gas4Sea as a single voice for their joint global marketing of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), the cleaner maritime fuel.

A revolutionary proposition

Industry was briefed to create a powerful brand capable of leading a revolution in maritime fuel. It had to be modern, bold and creative, positioning LNG as the fuel of the future. It also needed to appeal to the wider shipping sector, including owners of vessels of all kinds, from oil tankers to cruise ships.

Vast oceans and bright horizons

Industry chose a contemporary typeface alongside a bold colour palette of marine blue and bright orange to create a dynamic identity that follows the vernacular of the shipping world, using real maritime lines within the broader design. The tagline ‘Advancing LNG for a cleaner marine’ encompasses Gas4Sea’s purpose and mission, while a play on the word ‘forsee’ highlights LNG’s status as the bunker fuel of the future.

Reflecting the proposition

Brand photography on corporate material and the website captures the vastness of the ocean, showing big wakes and bright horizons to reflect Gas4Sea’s ambitious proposition.

Gas4Sea Corp Brochure Front Cover


Gas4Sea Corp Brochure Cover and Spread

Gas4Sea Business Cards

“This is a global brand for a new era in marine fuel. Developing a clear market position from the outset was crucial, conveying the regulatory impetus for change and the readily available solution. Gas4Sea is instantly recognisable with a clear strategy and brand platform that sits comfortably alongside its maritime peers, positioning it as a global leader in this new market.”

Sholto Lindsay-Smith, CEO, Industry

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