Proposition and brand identity for the UAE’s first digital-only bank

Spontaneity and the joy of living was the inspiration behind the new brand identity for CBD NOW, the digital challenger bank launched by the Commercial Bank of Dubai. The essence of the new brand, which was the first digital bank to market in the United Arab Emirates, is summed up in the strapline ‘Love the Moment’, emphasising the empowerment of instant financial decision making.

Targeting millennials and digitally connected customers, CBD NOW offers a completely digital way of banking, combining seamless customer experience with transparent and value-added services. Driven entirely through a smartphone app, the positioning needed to get across the idea that the new banking service is 'Empowering', 'Immediate' and 'Easy'.

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A vibrant and high-impact visual identity

Industry worked with CBD over three months to create a vibrant brand platform which owns a primary red and accompanying bright colour palette. The distinctive typeface and graphics capture the explosive impact of the technology and position the brand as a pioneer of digital banking.

Capturing the joy of instantaneous banking

Focusing on the impact of instant digital banking on customer lifestyles, the brand photography encompasses the spirit of Dubai and the joy of a new, instantaneous, personalised way of banking that enables customers to live their lives to the full.

“CBD NOW will be the first choice for customers seeking a new way of banking that fits with their lifestyle, with instant access to in depth personal financial information. It will redefine the role of a retail bank, having been built entirely around the needs of customers and their rapidly changing expectations about how they access and manage their finances. It’s about creating a seamless customer experience that empowers people to pursue the joy of living.”


Murray Sims, General Manager for the personal banking group at CBD

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