Commercial Bank of Dubai

A new multi-channel banking experience to reach customers

Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) is a major retail banking institution in the UAE. As with many banks, CBD had been successful in redeveloping its online banking offer, through smartphone apps, social media and a new website. The banking experience in-branch, however, had not changed.

As part of its strategy to appeal to a younger demographic and secure a new retail customer pipeline, the Bank wanted to reinforce its image as the market leader in the use of modern technology.


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Innovations validated through research

Working in partnership with retail design consultancy FDP, Industry conducted market research to identify attitudes to banking within the target demographic and discover how interactive applications could transform the in-branch banking experience.

We then designed a digital prototype branch featuring a number of innovations, including large interactive touch walls, touch table applications, iPad interfaces and digital signage, integrated with standard banking functions. 

Activities such as cash withdrawal and face-to-face customer service are provided towards the rear of the branch, while digital applications are placed near the front, to attract new customers inside.

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CBD table touch 

Immersive, interactive content experiences

Easy-to-use iPad interfaces provide convenient browsing content and useful video tutorials on how to use CBD’s online banking systems. The use of touch-screen technology throughout the branch creates immersive, interactive content experiences that bring the bank’s products and values alive. By combining these capabilities with existing queue-calling systems, the customer experience is streamlined and made more rewarding.

The sleek and minimalist ‘black-box’ branch design creates a stage for the new digital applications to entirely fill the retail space, as well as offering a high degree of flexibility for the introduction of new digital features.




The resulting space is high-energy, high-impact and futuristic; a step-change from traditional banking spaces. The innovations included touch tables, which included an interactive FAQ and a financial planning game. For the giant interactive wall and for iPhone, we developed a new approach to customer service that offered more flexibility and control to customers.

A modular branch rollout strategy

From these initial applications, we created a digital branch strategy and roll-out plan to provide a blueprint of how the new digital banking experience would be made available across the branch network.

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