IAM RoadSmart

An extensive brand positioning and identity review.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is a charity offering a wide range of nationally recognised driving courses, including the Advanced Driver qualification and re-education courses for local authorities and police forces.

It commissioned Industry to develop a new brand positioning and identity that would widen the appeal of the organisation, making it relevant to younger drivers and women as well as its traditional membership of driving enthusiasts.

A new core proposition

Industry carried out a quantitative online survey and fieldwork over several months, using a national representative sample of 1,000 motorists in the UK. The resulting new identity, IAM RoadSmart was selected as the strongest performing brand name, with a logo, descriptor and creative platform that work as a cohesive system around the core proposition: “We make better drivers and riders”. 


Focus on driver empowerment

The new brand sets out to define a clear position for IAM focusing on driver empowerment as well as safety, bringing a wide range of services together under one brand. Building on a proud heritage by retaining the initials IAM, the change of name reflects the increasing use of smart technology in our cars, while also modernising the brand and making it relevant to a much wider audience.

A progressive new identity

The IAM RoadSmart logo is derived from a winding road with a dynamic horizon line symbolising progression and forward movement. The core brand colours change from red, associated with safety, to a bright and appealing blue and dark grey, unique in the motoring space. Brand photography captures the essence and joy of motoring from the motorist’s perspective, so the view of the road ahead, a glance in a rear view mirror or the setting of a sat nav are all captured through the eyes of the driver or rider.

IAM 1 

IAM Polo Tshirt

IAM Website Desktop

“We pursued a rigorous brand development process which has resulted in the definition of a clear vision. The new identity represents our passion for driving and our belief in empowerment through good and safe driving, as well positioning us as the leading provider of training and advice for drivers and riders. It also injects the fun back into it, because enjoyment of driving and riding is what matters to most people.”

Sarah Sillars, CEO of IAM RoadSmart

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