Differentiating a global outsourcing business

Founded almost 90 years ago, Serco was one of the pioneers of outsourcing.

Today it designs and operates intelligent transport networks, delivers patient centred support services in hospitals, sensitively handles immigration from point-of-entry to repatriation, securely detains and rehabilitates prisoners, ensures the readiness of defence forces and critical military installations, cuts the costs of government administration, and makes it easier for citizens to access the services they need.

Industry was asked to create a new proposition and brand identity that would bring the company to the fore, and succinctly display its complex offering – showing just how much it impacted people’s lives.

Bringing to life a diverse global business

The company was ready to step out from behind the shadows and showcase its value to the world. It tasked us with defining a value proposition and creating a brand identity that would not only illuminate its work, but show the myriad ways it touched people’s lives.


One of Serco’s challenges has been to explain the sheer breadth of its business, much of which goes on behind the scenes. Industry needed to come up with an engaging way to bring to life the varied and interesting nature of its work.

Serco Recruitment Spread 2

Serco globe

Serco people

The new proposition positions Serco as a public service specialist able to draw on its wide cross-sector and international experience and transfer emerging best practices, share innovations and improve upon service performance.

A series of sector propositions, showing Serco’s expertise in its five key markets: Healthcare, Defense, Transport, Justice and Immigration and Citizen’s services.

Analysis of the sector revealed that most service and outsourcing businesses used similar and generic people imagery throughout their communications. We chose a different direction for Serco.

With a bold red, grey and black colour palette, the unique new identity is based on a distinctive illustrative platform. Illustrated scenes express Serco’s varied offerings and illustrated characters depict the associated job roles. 


The illustrations also serve to display information, infographic-style, as well as to annotate scenes. Serco can now creatively and succinctly express its extensive offering and highlight its impact on people’s lives.

The new brand platform also lends itself to animation which has become a powerful new communications tool for Serco.

Serco Healthcare inforgraphic 


Launching the brand around the world


Over the past year, a series of brand pilots have been carried out across different geographies and market sectors. These have allowed Serco to hone both its umbrella proposition and sector propositions to the point where they are now in a winning position and back on the front foot converting new bids.

The brand is now being fully launched across the globe and will be brought to life on a new website, which replaces the various regional and sector sites around the world.

Serco EXB Stand RGB

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